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ARISE!: Ministry with Young Adults in a Time of Innovation

“‘Arise!’ is … an invitation to ‘dream’, to ‘take a risk’, to be ‘committed to changing the world’, to rekindle your hopes and aspirations, and to contemplate the heavens, the stars and the world around you. ‘Arise and become what you are!’” 
Pope Francis, Message for the 35th World Youth Day, 2/11/2020

The need for ministry with young adults to be people-centered and to utilize creative ways to accompany our brothers and sisters has been affirmed through the 2018 Synod, Christus Vivit, and recent US Bishops’ gatherings, and brought to light through the “social distancing” limitations our nation and world experienced through the coronavirus. For the first time in a long time (or perhaps ever), we are feeling the effects of involuntary isolation and can reflect on the fact that this is an emotional feeling that many young adults feel regularly in today’s digital world.

In the midst of challenging times, we are invited to hear Jesus’ invitation to ‘Arise!’ and enter into our ministry with a renewed vision. Growing your ministry does not mean you have to create massive new programs. In fact, it can start very simply with one step; one new idea or one new practical skill.
This virtual forum, designed for those who minister with young adults of all levels, will gather national leaders and local peers together to share best practices and introduce skills that you can bring home and use with your young adult community. Join us as we help each other move one foot forward.

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Who should come to the Forum?

Young Adult Ministry Leaders

If you are a parish, college, or diocesan young adult minister, the Forum is designed to help you grow as a ministry leader. Learn new ideas and skills to help you better accompany the young adults that you serve. Also, it's an opportunity to meet other ministry leaders from around the country and hear how people are meeting today's challenges.

Parish Ministry Leaders

If you are a member of the clergy in a parish, a religious sister or brother parish serving your community, director of religious education, member of a sacramental preparation team, or a parish volunteer, you will encounter young adult at some point in your ministry. The Forum is designed to help you learn how you can accompany young adults as they participate in the life of the parish.

Organizational Leaders

If you serve an organization or ministry, the Forum is there for you too! Learn new ideas to minister to young adults during this ever changing time and take time to be inspired.

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What happens at the Forum?

Live Events

We have live events planned for you throughout the week. Join us for online keynotes to hear from ministry leaders and those we serve (young adults!) and  conversations with fellow ministry leaders to learn from each other. We will also have time to engage in moments of fellowship and community with each other during socials.


Ministry leaders from all over the country share with you their insights, knowledge and wisdom about ministry with young adults. View these videos at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Moments of Reflection

Throughout the week, you will receive emails to help you reflect upon your own ministry and how God is calling you to serve in this time and in this place.

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