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Forming Parish Leaders to Walk with Young Adults

No matter your role in the parish, you are called to minister to young adults. Here are some resources to help you do just that.

Forming Parishioners for Ministry with Young Adults: Text

Inviting Young Adults into the Fabric of the Parish 

Bishop Frank Caggiano

Despite the challenges we face during this unique time, the Lord is giving us great opportunities for all God's children, and especially young adults. Join Bishop Frank Caggiano as he steps to renewal in ministry with young adults.

Parish Life and Young Adult Ministry

Fr. Kevin Peters and Diana Hancharenko

This session will focus on establishing young adult ministry in a parish and how it affects parish life from the perspective of a pastor and a parish ministry with young adults coordinator.

The Catholic Parish, Seedbed for the Saints: How Young Adults Can Give Their Best to the Catholic Parish

Fr. Nathan Cromly

Starting with the lives of the Saints, Father Nathan will show how young adults can bring innovation and dynamic thinking to the world through the Catholic Parish.

Forming Parishioners for Ministry with Young Adults: List

House Keys & Wi-Fi Passwords: Creating A Parish Home for Young Adults

James Behan

What can Catholic parishes do to make their worship spaces and grounds a place where young adults, both Catholic and seeking, tied to and within its boundaries, want to come to and call a "home away from home?" James Behan, Jr., Associate Director for Young Adults Ministry and Marriage and Family Life in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, will discuss the importance of creating a parish home for young adults, give an example of how that is being done locally, and offer tips and practical questions to consider when inviting your parish to go through a "remodeling or renovation" to make a place of welcome and accompaniment.

Multigenerational Ministry

timone davis with Courtney Easter and Andréa M Senegal

Struggle no more with how to include young adults in ministries and programs. This discussion will provide you with insight into how to be multigenerational in ministry.

Marriage Prep as an Invitation to Encounter and Discipleship

Jason Kidd

For some young adults the only time they darken the doors of a parish is when they are getting married. What if the church took advantage of this "Catholic Moment" and was intentional about inviting them to a life in Christ and connected them with the parish community. Join the conversation of one of the simplest ways to help any parish engage with the engaged.

Expressions of Stewardship: How Young Adults Share Their Time, Talent, and Treasure

Luke Politsky

Young adults express stewardship often without knowing it. While it's easy to put young adults into their own category, we must ask ourselves if they really share their time, talent, and treasure that differently from other generations.

For Such A Time As This:
Forming Young Adults

Nicole M. Perone

The time we find ourselves in is a uniquely challenging one, especially as we walk with young adults. But perhaps now more than ever, parishes should take a look at how they can help form young adults as they grow into the people God is calling them to be. This session will give you practical tools as you engage in forming young adults.

Ashes and Innovation: Using Moments of Return to Accompany Young Adults

Paul Jarzembowski

Did you know that Ash Wednesday is the number one day young adults come back to Mass on their own (not with family, such as at Christmas)? Ash Wednesday and Lent are liturgical times when we can encounter young adults who are seeking a relationship with God. Learn in this session how your parish can walk with young adults as they enter into the season of Lent. 

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