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Ministry with Young Adults Tool Kit

The beautiful thing about ministry with young adults is that there is always something to learn. Here are many resources to cover a plethora of topics that can enrichen our ministry with young adults.

Ministry with Young Adults Tool Kit: Text

Accompaniment and Ministry with Young Adults Amid a Pandemic

Fr. Frank Donio, SAC

Accompaniment seems to be the word of the moment in pastoral ministry, especially with young adults. Defining it, while important, is not as necessary as doing it. What are fruitful ways to accompany young adults as they come to encounter Christ more deeply as well as the community of faith, the Church? Join Fr. Frank as he offers some practical and pastoral ways to walk together on the spiritual road even amid a pandemic.

The State of Ministry with Young Adults

Diana Hancharenko

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." To honor God and our purpose, we must honor our temples. Striving for wellness allows us to be equipped to do the work the Lord has requested of us.

Building an Anti-Racist Church- How to have the Conversation in Our Ministry and Parish

Rudy Dehaney

This workshop will talk about how incorporate anti-racism with our ministries with young adults. This will include understanding what is meant by being an anti-racist,
what an anti-racist Church should look like and steps to take towards making this change in our own realities.

Ministry with Young Adults Tool Kit: List

What Happens When I Get a Question I Don’t Know the Answer to?

Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP

Young adults have lots of questions about the faith--and rightly so. As a leader you may shy away from offering a forum for them to ask the questions because perhaps you don't feel qualified to answer. But an open Q&A is consistently one of the most favorably rated young adult activities. Fr. Dave will help you work up the courage to let them ask away!

Living the Faith: Engaging Young Adults in Social Justice
(James 2:14-26)

Mr. Ashley Morris, Th.M.

Growing in an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ requires special attention to the needs of those around us as well as our own. This presentation will offer practical and basic tools for those accompanying young adults in living and expressing their faith amid a renewed and re-energized fight for social justice. Participants will consider acts of encounter, accompaniment, and community as important facets in empowering young adults and their social justice efforts.

Leading with Spirituality

Alex Jones

We so often lead in ministry work with theology & the beautiful Truth of our faith, but maybe sometimes there's an opportunity to lead instead with spirituality & the beautiful Peace of our faith.

Innovation in Ministry: It's about Being Rooted in the Spirit

Nicholas Stein

We will dive into polarities, paradoxes and problems and maybe get lost there for a while. In the meantime we will see how Collaboration and Community; Charism and Problem-Solving; Leadership and Imagination are connected to letting the Spirit of Christ root us in love. Not for the faint of heart; Beginners welcome.


Being and Intercultural Church: Helping Young Adults Celebrate Diversity

Darius Villalobos

Our Catholic Church is as diverse as the world and some of our communities reflect that. This diversity is a gift from God, but we also experience challenges in navigating that diversity. This workshop will look at some of the basic understanding of what it means to be intercultural, why diversity matters in your ministry with young adults, and provide some practical tools and ideas to celebrate diversity in your community, even if your community is not that diverse.

Catholic Meditation and Contemplative Prayer as the Foundation of All Catechesis

Alessandro DiSanto

With the median age of disaffiliation at 13 and with levels of stress and anxiety skyrocketing among young people, today’s ministry landscape is much different today than ever before. In the secular world, meditation practices have been heralded as the solution to the stress problem, but when we hear “mediation” we often immediately think of Hindu, Buddhist or other Eastern spiritual practices. Did you know that the Catechism recommends that all “Christians owe it to themselves to develop the desire to meditate regularly, lest they come to resemble the three first kinds of soil in the parable of the sower”? In this talk, Alessandro will share statistics on the rising levels of both mental health issues and religious disaffiliation among young people, as well as how evangelization that focuses on building a contemplative prayer habit is the key to effective catechesis and mental health development.

Courageous Missionaries: Accompanying the Young People our World Needs

Anna Johnson

We are all called, including our young adults, to go out and share the Gospel and to minister to all, even the marginalized. Learn how you can help accompany young adults as they live and grow. 

Helping Young Adults Evangelize: Teaching Young Adults how to Go Make Disciples

Marilyn Santos

In this presentation we will explore key realities young adults are facing and expressing. Guided by current research, Christus Vivit, and the new Directory of Catechesis together we will discuss how to accompany them in their journeys as missionary disciples.

Infusing the Culture of the Gospel into the Culture of
Social Media

John Grosso

We all know this: to engage in ministry with young adults, you also have to engage in social media. In this session, learn ways to bring faith to young adults through the use of social media. 

Faithful & Fruitful: Having Productive and Reasonable Discourse on Racism

Nathan Crankfield

This is a time of heated debate, division, and discord in our country. How can we, as leaders in the Church, hold productive conversations and provide faithful teaching on the most difficult topics? Come and join me as I share my personal experience doing just that on the topic of racism as a Catholic biracial man.

Digital Evangelization

Mary Kate Polanin

Ever wonder how to engage in digital evangelization? Look no further. Join Mary Kate Polanin, Digital Content Editor for Busted Halo, as she discusses how to use the tools of the digital landscape to bring the Gospel to young adults.

Reaching Young Adult Catholics thru UPRISE, a Global Nextgen Generosity Commitment Movement

Colleen Mitchell

Join us and be introduced to UPRISE, and its tools, materials, and social media that utilizes the nexus of the 14 Works of Mercy & technology to inspire GenY and GenZ to give our Catholic faith and social justice commitment another look!

Understanding "Popular Ministry" in Christus Vivit

Brenda Noriega

Join Brenda Noriega as she dives into Christus Viviti and discusses what Pope Francis means when he writes about "popular ministry" for young adults.

New Ways of Thinking in Ministry

James Baxter

When James Baxter started working on Exodus 90, he knew a lot of theology and philosophy and very little about how to make things work. In "New Ways of Thinking in Ministry" he share three principles that he learned the hard way, and recommend three books that have helped him, and may help you in your life of ministry. 

Young Adult Women in the Church

Dr. Kim Smolik

Dr. Kim Simolik shares with you insights in how to help foster support young adult women to grow in confidence and leadersihp.

What Works in Young Adult Faith Formation

Sr. Bernadette Motta

This workshop will discuss faith formation strategies for ministry with young adults across various age groups, backgrounds and cultures.

YA Leadership: An Entrepreneurial Response for a Mission Driven Church

Matt Manion, MSCM

Starting with the entrepreneurial leaders chosen by Jesus Christ, this presentation will examine the attributes needed to lead a mission-driven church. It will share reasons why young adults are uniquely qualified to help lead parishes through the complexity and ambiguity of the pandemic and help them bounce forward to a new and better tomorrow.

Looking for tools to help create young adult friendly parishes? We have you covered! 

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