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Ministry with College Students

College aged young adults are at a transitional point in their lives. Find resources here to expand your ministry with college aged young adults.

Ministry with College Students: Text

What Prayerful Discernment in Life Looks Like

Dr. Jimmy Walters

This workshop explores strategies to discern how God is inviting you to reconnect with God, to rediscover your true self, and to recommit to service of your neighbor and stranger.

“What are you looking for?” (John 1:38): Ministering to College Students

Fr. Kyle Shinseki, SJ

Whether devout Catholics, on-the-fence Catholics, or non-Catholics, college students are all seekers. As Jesus asks the disciples in the Gospel of John, we must inquire about what these young people are seeking. Father Kyle will share his insights about how ethnic devotions, engaging worship, and discernment tools can help college students find connection among themselves and with God.

Preparing College Students for Post-College Life

Jose Julian Matos Auffant

Ministering with college students includes helping them transition to life after college. This presentation includes practical connections for campus ministry and young adult ministry to enrich the accompaniment of young people in their journey to integrate faith and life. ARISE Forum is designed for those who are doing ministry with young adults as well as any parish minister who might encounter a young person - all are welcome!

Ministry with College Students: List

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