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New to Ministry with Young Adults?

Here you will find video resources to help you as you start ministering to young adults.

New to Ministry with Young Adults: Text
New to Ministry with Young Adults: List

Challenging the Status Quo

Archbishop Nelson Pérez

Often when we suggest trying something new in ministry, we hear someone say, "But we've always done it this way." Ministry with young adults in a time of innovation challenges us to break out of that way of thinking and saying yes to trying something new, even if it's a risk or hos never been done before. 

Accompanying Young Adults in Response to Their Pastoral Needs, in the Spirit of
Fratelli Tutti

Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we are facing Pope Francis has reflected on the perils of individualism and the unsuitedness of our current national and international political and economic institutions to face the global crisis we are in; a global crisis that has disproportionately affected the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us.

What is Ministry with Young Adults at the Base Level? How to Invite a Young Person to Know Jesus Christ and have a Relationship with Him

Benito Medrano

While ministry with young adults is an organized activity of the Church, it can take on as many forms as there are parishes and individuals willing to walk the journey of faith with young adults. In this presentation we will explore how individuals and small groups at parishes can become engines of engagement and spaces of encounter between the Resurrected Christ and young adults.

ABC's of Young Adult Ministry

Brenda Noriega

As you start your ministry with young adults, there are some things that you should always keep in mind. This session will explore the "ABC's" of ministry with young adults and how they can help you and your ministry. 

New to Ministry with Young Adults: Where to Start? Listen!

Michal Horace

Once we're committed to ministering to young adults, we're ready to jump in and start planning activities, right? Wrong! If you haven't taken the time to first listen to their stories, challenges, and desires, you're likely not to succeed in your efforts. Here are some ideas to get started.

The Non-negotiables of Building Young Adult Community

Pete Burak

When asked what is most lacking or most needed in their faith life, most young adults answer, "Community!" We all long to be part of a community, but we struggle to find it, build it, or sustain it. In this presentation, Pete will breakdown the absolutely essential, non-negotiable elements of authentic Christian community and give practical tips on how to utilize them in your parish.

Pastoral Juvenil Hispana a Parish Ministry for
Jóvenes Adultos

Yazmín Maní, MA

What is Pastoral Juvenil Hispana? How can this be a ministry for jóvenes adultos (young adults)? Join this session, as we share benefits to having a grupo juvenil in your parish. We will discuss practical ways to start and maintain a grupo juvenil.

Know Your Audience: Getting to Know the Key Elements of Life for Millennials and Gen Z

Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale

This session will compare and contrast Gen Z, the current generation of teenagers and emerging adults with their older brothers and sisters, the Millennials. Using recent research on both generations, we will look at issues surrounding work and vocation, the impact of the economy on their lives, the reality of their digital lives, and how both generations approach diversity and serving others. With the hopes that each of these provides a lens to how we can know our audience and respond as a faith community!

Start with One: One Person, One Gathering, One Ministry

Victoria Hathaway

It can be really daunting when you first feel called to engage in ministry with young adults. There are a lot of expectations that can be placed upon your shoulder and lots of ideas of what the perfect ministry looks like. This workshop will help you take a deep breath and focus on the call that you have received to minister to young adults and how it all starts with one: engaging with one young adult, trying one new thing, one ministry.

Establishing Relational Authority

Dr. Josh Packard

Ministry cannot happen without engaging in relationships with young adults. But what should those relationships look like? What are the best ways to connect with young adults? Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Director of Springtide Research Institute, explains current trends in religious affiliation and young people and introduced Relational Authority and how it can help your ministry with young adults.

Looking to start ministering to college aged young adults?

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