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Hi everyone! I'm Michal and I live in Santa Claus, Indiana. Really! Did you know that you can send a bundle of your stamped Christmas cards to the Santa Claus Post Office in the month of December and they will HAND CANCEL them using a unique Santa Claus, Indiana postmark! High school students submit designs each year and one is picked for that year's official Christmas postmark. Check it out at

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot... I'm the director of the Saint Meinrad Young Adult Minister and have the privilege of accompanying several parishes to better engage young adults. The best part of my job is working with parish staff and volunteers.

I also have the privilege of serving as vice chair for communications on the USCCB National Advisory Team on Young Adult Ministry (NATYAM). I'm so excited for the renewed attention and energy that our church has given to ministry with young adults recently. It'll pay great dividends down the road!

Michal Horace
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