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Seasoned Ministers to Young Adults

If you have been ministering to young adults for a while now or are looking for fresh resources, look no further! Here are some great videos to help you go deeper with your ministry.

Ministry with Young Adult Veterans: Text

Evangelii Gaudium and Ministry with Youth Adults

Bishop Gerald Lee Vincke

As we minister to young adults, we need to remember our call to inspire them to live the Gospel with joy and hope, especially during a time of uncertainty. This session will give inspiration on how we can engage our young adults as they live a life of discipleship with Evangelii Gaudium as a guide. 

Building Ministries of Accompaniment

Brian Rhude

For years, much of ministry has focused on the events we put on and the numbers of participants that our events get. COVID 19 and the pontificate of Pope Francis have pushed us to move beyond ministry that is solely event and number based to a ministry of accompaniment. Join Brian Rhude as he explores young adult ministry in our current context, spiritual accompaniment, and ways that parishes can become communities of accompaniment and build ministries of accompaniment for young adults.

Engaging Young Professionals in the Life of the Church

Jennifer Baugh and Peter Blute

By about 2025, millennials will make up about half of the workforce in the US. At the same time, less than 2% of the workforce will be millennials who go to Mass on a regular basis. Join our friends from Young Catholic Professionals as they discuss how parishes can help young adults as they understand their talents and experiences of God in their lives and invite them to serve more fully in their church.

Ministry with Young Adult Veterans: List

Developing Young Adult Leaders: Protagonists of the Mission

Fr. Rafael Capó

With insights from the pontificates of St. John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis, as well as experiences in ministry with young Hispanics, the presentation will share the journey for developing young adult leaders that are called to be protagonists of the mission of the Church.

Setting Standards for Performance, Engagement, and Follow Through

Michael Brough

This session will provide encouragement and practical tools for ministry leaders to set standards for performance, engagement, and follow through in ministry with young adult Catholics.

Developing Strong Diocesan Outreach

Patrick C. Rivera

This talk focuses on engaging young adults for parish outreach through formational gatherings, one on one mentorship, and large group events. Additional points of interest include the rise of loneliness, recognizing the failed "monological ministry" for a dialogical generation(s), and the need for service based outreach.

Forming Mentors for Young Adults

Rachel Harkins Ullmann

Young adults thrive when they are guided by caring and genuine mentors who are invested in their mentees. Join Rachel Harkins Ullman as she shares wisdom and insight into mentoring young adults through her time at the Given Institute.

Moving from Event-Focused Ministry to People-Focused Ministry

Sean Allen

Holding a mix of social, spiritual, and service events is a good start, but if you hunger for the Lord to transform the lives of more young adults, then focus on accompanying people further along their spiritual journeys.

Remember what it was like to take your first steps into ministry with young adults? Click here for a refresher on the basics of ministry with young adults!

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