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Video Workshops

Ministry leaders from around the country are excited to help you innovate your ministry. Videos are broken down into themes. Watch at your own pace and view what would help you in your ministry.

The USCCB does not endorse the organizations, initiatives, goods, or services shared by any of the presenters in their sessions. Furthermore, any personal views expressed by the presenters in these workshops are those of the speaker and do not represent those of the USCCB or the National Advisory Team on Young Adult Ministry, unless explicitly stated.

Workshops: Programs

Ministry with College Students

If you minister to college aged young adults, here are some great resources for you to check out!

Caring for the Minister

As a minister, you need to take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as you serve others. Find some support here.

Ministry with Young Adults Tool Kit

Build up your ministry tool kit by watching these helpful resources.

New to Ministry with Young Adults

Just starting out ministering to young adults? Find some helpful guidance here.

Seasoned Ministers to Young Adult

Have you been ministering to young adults for a while? Here are some resources to help you deepen your skills.

Forming Parish Leaders to Walk with Young Adults

Are you a parish leader looking for ways to connect with young adults? Here are some resources just for you!

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